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miRNA cloning and library construction, siRNA delivery, RNA isolation



Our small RNA cloning and delivery range from Bioo Scientific is a rapidly expanding set of tools that facilitates working with small RNAs. Follow the links below for further information and pricing.


Plus read Bioo Scientific's application note "Improved Small RNA Sequencing with Multiplex Compatibility using the Illumina Platform" which was recently published on Nature Methods.


miRNA sequencing, cloning and library construction tools

  • Illumina compatible small RNA sequencing kit
  • RNAi Isolation Kit (includes miRNA enrichmnent protocol)
  • Adenylated linkers
  • Truncated T4 RNA ligase 2 (T4 RNL2)
  • Enriched miRNAs from mouse tissues
  • ExomiR - RNA extraction from exosomes
  • ImpA
  • Antibodies to plant miRNAs


RNAi delivery reagents

  • T3™ Conjugation Kits, delivery of siRNA in vivo or in vitro
  • Lancefection delivery agent for cell culture
  • siRNA delivery agent for hard to transfect cell lines
  • MaxSuppressor™ In Vivo RNA-LANCEr II - In-Vivo RNAi delivery agent
  • Conjugated Antibodies for the directed delivery of RNAi


RNAi accessory reagents

  • Rnase-Free sterile saline and ringers solution
  • Anti-siRNA polyclonal antibody
  • RNA isolation kit



NEW tools for working with small RNAs

The MiraMas™ Kit from Bioo Scientific uses a novel approach for SYBR Green/qPCR-based profiling of microRNAs and other small RNAs.


The microRNA targets are amplified using microRNA-specific Forward primers and the Universal Reverse primer included in the kit. The Forward primers are designed using a very simple algorithm that does not require modified nucleotides, ensuring the cost for the microRNA-specific primers is minimal. Plus we can even design them for you if you prefer. 


Using a convenient one tube protocol we offer researchers great flexibility in terms of sample size and number of reactions performed. The MiraMas Kit overcomes the limitations of other kits for qPCR analysis of microRNA as many more samples can be processed per kit and large panels of miRNA targets can be analysed from each reverse transcription reaction.


Another distinctive feature of the MiraMas Kit is that it includes control RNAs from liver and brain, as well as control Forward primers targeting tissue-specific and constitutively expressed microRNAs. Click here for more information on the MiraMas™ Kit


T3™ Conjugation Kits, based on Bioo Scientific's Targeted Transport Technology, allow you to target the delivery of siRNA into any cell type (in vivo or in vitro) by conjugating the T3 carrier to an antibody that is specific to a receptor or other extracellular domain specific to the cell or tissue you want to target. 

  • Offers targeted in vivo or in vitro delivery of siRNA or miRNA
  • Can be used to target almost any cell or tissue type
  • Flexible - works with multiple RNAi agents and routes of delivery
  • Use less siRNA
  • Reduces off target effects
  • Gentle and non-toxic

The T3 procedure does not require prior modification of the antibody or the RNAi agent and can be performed in a few simple steps. Click here for more information on T3™ Conjugation Kits



Illumina Compatible Small RNA Sequencing kit

The AIR™ Small RNA Sequencing Kit has been specifically designed for the preparation of small RNA libraries for sequencing on Illumina/Solexa platforms. Bioo Scientific’s AIR™ Small RNA Sequencing Kit streamlines the sample prep procedure required for the sequencing of microRNAs, piwi RNAs and other non-coding RNAs.


This kit contains all the necessary materials needed to prepare RNA samples for loading onto sequencing flow cells for cluster generation including adapter ligation, first strand synthesis, PCR amplification, band separation and elution.




Optional Predesigned AIR™ Barcoded Adapters


AIR™ Barcoded Adapters can also be used with the small RNA sequencing kit to provide flexibility in high-throughput sequencing applications. They allow the user to pool multiple library preparations into a single sequencing reaction thereby significantly increasing throughput while reducing costs.


 For further information please use our contact form or email



Lancefection™ siRNA Delivery Agent

Lancefection™ siRNA Delivery Agent for Cell Culture is a proprietary formulation developed for high efficiency transfection of RNA into eukaryotic cells.


  • Compatibile with a broad range of cell types
  • Simple, rapid protocol with fewer steps for consistent, reproducible results
  • Easy to optimize due to excellent cell viability
  • Stable in serum and no need to remove complexes from the cells
  • Reverse or forward transfection method
  • Efficient at low RNA conc. (<10 nM) with minimal non-specific effects
  • Superior adaptability to automated or robotic systems


For further information and pricing for the Lancefection™ siRNA Delivery Agent follow this link.


RNAi Delivery System: MaxSuppressor™ In Vivo RNA-LANCEr II

MaxSuppressor™ In Vivo RNA-LANCEr II is a proprietary formulation composed of neutral lipid, non-ionic detergent, oil and small molecules which enable highly efficient delivery of RNAi agents into animals. This novel product has been shown to be more robust and efficient at penetrating tissues and organs than other delivery agents.


The procedure to package RNAi agents into the phospholipid-oil emulsion takes less than 1-hour. To use MaxSuppressor™ In Vivo RNA-LANCEr II simply mix 100 ug of your RNAi agent with a single tube of semi-dry MaxSuppressor™ In Vivo RNA-LANCEr II agent in total volume of less than 300 uL, in 1X PBS; extrude using the Lipid Extruder with the supplied 100 nm pore sizing filters (or sonicate) and then directly inject into the animal.



Relative GAPDH protein levels in the organs of rats injected with MaxSuppressor™ In Vivo RNA-LANCEr II containing GAPDH siRNA.  The relative levels of GAPDH are compared to rats treated with a negative control siRNA. 


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