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CYTOKINES - Detection

Cytokine Analysis


Complete Kits for Sensitive Cytokine Analysis

MaxDiscovery™ Cytokine ELISA Kits


  • Each kit includes all reagents needed for cytokine detection
  • Reliable, accurate, and highly reproducible
  • Compatible with serum, plasma, tissue homogenate, and cell culture supernatant
  • Results in as little as 4 hours
  • 96-well plate format


Bioo Scientific’s MaxDiscovery™ Cytokine ELISA Kits include everything needed for the highly sensitive colormetric detection and quantitation of human, mouse and rat cytokines. The MaxDiscovery Cytokine ELISA Kits are colorimetric, sandwich ELISAs that can detect picogram levels of analyte. These cytokine diagnostic assays are ideal both for preclinical and basic research analysis.


BO_2102-01 GM-CSF BO_2123-01 IL-16 BO_2014-01 Granzyme B BO_2201-01 GM-CSF

BO_2116-01 IFN-γ BO_2124-01 IL-17 BO_2002-01 GM-CSF BO_2205-01 IL-1β

BO_2103-01 IL-1 BO_2125-01 IL-20 BO_2003-01 IL-1α BO_2202-01 IL-6

BO_2109-01 IL-1α BO_2126-01 IL-22 BO_2004-01 IL-1β BO_2206-01 IL-10

BO_2110-01 IL-1β BO_2127-01 IL-27p28 BO_2005-01 IL-2 BO_2203-01 TNF-α

BO_2104-01 IL-2 BO_2128-01 Il-29 BO_2006-01 IL-4 BO_2204-01 IFN-γ

BO_2117-01 IL-3 BO_2132-01 IL-23 p19/p40 BO_2007-01 IL-5

BO_2108-01 IL-4 BO_2111-02 Insulin BO_2008-01 IL-6

BO_2106-01 IL-5 BO_2112-01 Leptin BO_2015-01 IL-12/IL-23

BO_2107-01 IL-6 BO_2101-01 MCP-1 BO_2009-01 IL-12 p70

BO_2118-01 IL-7 BO_2129-01 TGF-β1 BO_2010-01 IL-13

BO_2134-01 IL-8 BO_2105-01 TNF-α BO_2011-01 IL-15

BO_2113-01 IL-10 BO_2114-01 TNF-β BO_2012-01 IL-17

BO_2119-01 IL-11 BO_2131-01 G-CSF BO_2013-01 IFN-γ

BO_2120-01 IL-12 BO_2133-01 VEGF BO_2017-01 MCP-1 (CCL2)

BO_2121-01 IL-13 BO_2135-01 TRAIL BO_2018-01 TGF-b1

BO_2122-01 IL-15 BO_2136-01 Survivin BO_2017-01 TNF-α


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