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miR-Mouse™ Enriched Small RNAs

for miRNA analysis

     • High-quality, enriched small RNA
     • Eliminates tedious, time-consuming lab procedures
     • High level of quality control

miR-Mouse™ Small Enriched RNA from Mouse Tissue can be used for the following applications:
     • Gene expression analysis
     • Microarray analysis
     • miRNA cloning

miR-Mouse™ Enriched Small RNAs are purified from pools of up to 10 organs from mice of specific strain, gender, and age ranges. The standard strain used is Balb. Age ranges are either 8-10 weeks or 4-5 months. The RNA is also available as a custom product of RNA from strain/gender/age as specified by the researcher. The RNA is extracted using a single-phase reagent containing phenol and guanidinium thiocyanate and the small RNA fraction is enriched by differential precipitation with isopropanol. The large RNA-enriched fraction corresponding to the particular small RNA-enriched preparation is available as a companion product. The small RNA enriched RNA ranges in size from approximately 10 bp to 100 bp and is especially useful for analyzing microRNA and other endogenous small RNAs in particular tissues. The product is supplied at a concentration of 50 ng/uL in a buffer of 0.2 mM EDTA pH 8 in nuclease-free water.

For information about custom miR-Mouse™ Enriched Small RNAs from Mouse Tissue contact us at and specify the strain/gender/age you would like to obtain enriched small RNA from.

Key Features    
Storage: Store at -20 deg C for short-term use. For long-term use, store at -70 deg. Do not store in freezer that cycles to warmer temperatures.

Quality Control: The small RNA is analyzed by UV absorbance on a Nanodrop spectrophotometer to determine concentration and purity. The product has Abs 260/Abs 280 values between 1.75 and 2.15. Note, the product is not treated with DNase.

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