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AIR™ Custom Adenylated Linkers

For Next-Generation Sequencing

    • Reduces cost of Next-Generation Sequencing
    • Ideal for next-generation sequencing, miRNA cloning and miRNA sequencing
    • 3’ end blocks prevent self-ligation
    • Adenylated 5' end reacts with T4 RNL2 Ligase, truncated
    • Phosphorothioate and other modifications available
    • Predesigned linkers are also available
    • You can create your own miRNA barcodes

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 Design your own miRNA cloning linkers.

Bioo Scientific’s AIR™ Adenylated Linkers are 5’adenylated oligos with 3’end blocks, which are ready for use in Next-Generation Sequencing or miRNA cloning. Custom adaptors can be designed for use with SOLiD, 454 FLX, Illumina or any other Next-Generation Sequencing platform.

AIR™ Adenylated Linkers are activated adenylated oligos that preclude the need for ATP in RNA Ligase 2 (RNL2) reactions. This allows for specific and clean ligations.


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