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Compact Cell Management Device, Independent of CO2 and Humidity developed by Celartia.

Petaka is a cell culture device designed to culture adherent and nonadherent cells. Petaka is designed to eliminate all air space inside the culture chamber, which allows the anchorage and growth of adherent cells on all internal surfaces of the device.

Unlike conventional culture devices, PetakaG3 is Virtually Hermetically Enclosed™— requiring no additional CO2, no additional humidity and effectively eliminating contamination, spills and leaks. As a result, live cells can be handled safely and shipped in PetakaG3 devices without requiring freezing and dry ice. In fact, its slim profile allows it to be carried in a pocket. Because of its compact size, labs can realize 15 times more cell culture surface, per incubator, achieving a cost saving of up to 32%.

Many years in the making, PetakaG3's innovative design is based on a re-sealable access port that keeps the interior of the device hermetic to exterior elements. Combined with a gas transfer quenching system and filtered exit vent, this permits safe and easy one-step access or retrieval. There are no caps or openings, no atmospheric contamination and no saturated humidity or added CO2 needed in the incubator. The number of routines and requirements are thus minimized, reducing cell culture costs.


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Oxygen Concentrations
Hypoxia experiments
No need for CO2
No humidifiers
Cell dormancy
Cell transport
Safe handling
Device Accesories




Most cell culture devices are based on open systems, which exposes cells to excess O2, and therefore requiring high levels of CO2 in the incubator environment,

    * No additional CO2 required for any type of media, although the PetakaG3™ device can also be used in CO2 incubators
    * No added humidity required (not influenced by environmental dehydration)
    * The most secure cell culture device against contamination available today (no caps, no openings, no spills)
    * Robust structure (without breakable films)
    * Excellent for shipping live cells without requiring freezing and dry ice
    * Optimizes media and growth factor supplies
    * Produces 8 times more media volume per incubator capacity
    * Provides 15 times more cell culture surface per incubator capacity
    * In vitro cell dormancy is easily accomplished
    * Allows storage of pre-filled units that are ready to host cells
    * Easy to handle
    * Operates in any position
    * Completely safe & versatile
    * Each Petaka is individually bar coded for easy tracking


Petaka G3 user’s guide         Petaka G3 Quick Protocols            Petaka G3TM vs Competition


Features & Benefits Analysis          Petaka Incubation Costs


The biggest breakthrough in cell biology - UNIQUE improvements


Petaka is the one and only cell culture device providing Oxygen availability for cells at concentrations close to their physiological level,

Petaka …. an essential instrument for gene expression  in cancer cell research


 Oxygen availability strongly influences the regulation  of gene expression in tumor cells The typical Hyperoxia of flasks and dishes provides distorted pathways and multiple false representations of gene expression in cancer cells.

Stuhr LE, Raa A, Oyan AM, Kalland KH, Sakariassen PO, Petersen K, Bjerkvig R, Reed RK. Hyperoxia retards growth and induces apoptosis, changes in vascular density and gene expression in transplanted gliomas in nude rats. J Neurooncol. 2007 Nov;85(2):191-202. Epub 2007 Jun 8.

The best breakthrough for cell culture enhanced performances 


Direct freezing adds more flexibility in the lab (“thin layer” method)

After banking cells frozen  in Petaka, thawing the cells only requires… fill Petaka with the appropriate warm media supplemented with 15% FBS



Median pO2 (mmHg)

Dish & flask average


Petaka average


Rat mammary carcinoma R3230Ac


Human Cervix tumor


Human Uterin tumor


Rat liver tumor


Soft tissue sarcoma (primary tumor)


Soft tissue sarcoma (metastatic)


SCCVII mouse tumor


Human Cervix tumor


Human Lymphoma


Human sarcoma


Human breast cancer


Brain tumor


Human Prostate cancer


In vivo average


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