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Product Name Price Qty
3D-FectIN™ sample 25µL - Ref.:OZ_TN30025
€ 15,00
3D-FectIN™ 250µL (65 to 125 transfections with 1µg of DNA) - Ref.:OZ_TN30250
€ 180,00
3D-FectIN™ 500µL (125 to 250 transfections with 1µg of DNA) - Ref.:OZ_TN30500
€ 258,00
3D-FectIN™ 1mL (250 to 500 transfections with 1µg of DNA ) - Ref.:OZ_TN31000
€ 480,00
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Quick Overview

3D-FectIN™ is the newest reagent specifically developed to directly transfect cells cultured in 3D hydrogel. 3D-FectIN™ is suitable for all kind of hydrogels and cells. This reagent is based on a novel technology that allows adding a third dimension to cell culture.


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Additional Information

Cat. No. OZ_TN3000-GP
Quantity / Size 100-1000ul
Manufacturer OZ Biosciences
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File Icon 3D-FectIN protocol, File Icon 3D-FectIN results, File Icon MSDS 3D-FectIN

  • Highly efficient: on cell lines and primary cells

  • Specific for 3D hydrogels

  • All type of nucleic acids: plasmid DNA, siRNA, shRNA...

  • Completely biodegradable

  • Serum compatible

  • Long term protein expression


3D Transfection: a novel perspective for your cells !

3D matrices not only add a third dimension to cells’ environment, they also allow creating significant differences in cellular characteristics and behavior. Because 3D matrices are routinely used in basic research and therapeutic applications, we have developed 3D-FectIN™ transfection reagent specific for hydrogel. In this way, hydrogel-based 3D matrices combined with 3D-FectIN™/DNA complexes, are colonized by cells to be transfected in a more natural environment. This method allows studying angiogenesis, tube and acini formation, colonization, neurite growth, tissue engineering, tissue regeneration, tumor invasion, neural differentiation, cellular polarization, tissue formation…

Procedure Overview

High transfection efficiency in various cells

Transfection of various cells on different gels

3D-FectIN™ has been successfully tested on a variety of cells.

Transfection efficiency and transgene expression achieved are high and long-lasting.


High secreted alkaline phosphatase expression

Efficient with various type of hydrogels and matrices


 Type of Scaffold

 Collagen  Collagen-based hydrogels
 Collagen-derived  Collagen-derived hydrogels
 HA  Hyaluronic acid
 Gelatin  Extracellular Matrix (ECM)
 Fibrin / Fibronectin  ECM
 Fibrinogen  ECM
 Laminin  ECM
 Matrigel™ *  BD Bioscience
 Poly-(Ethylene Glycol)  PEGylated hydrogels

*Matrigel is a trademark own by BD Bioscience


Outperforms competitors

 Comparison of RFP expression in HEK-293 cells

Comparison of secreted alkaline phosphatase production in NIH-3T3 cells

Product listing

TN30025 3D-FectIN™ sample
TN30250 3D-FectIN™ 250µL
  65 to 125 transfections with 1µg of DNA
TN30500 3D-FectIN™ 500µL
  125 to 250 transfections with 1µg of DNA
TN31000 3D-FectIN™ 1mL
  250 to 500 transfections with 1µg of DNA

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